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The Chase Is On (edit)

from by Batch Sound



The chase is on
We've got a felony
Neon lights, speed limits free
Skidmarks and fire
Adrenaline pumps higher
Sharp turn
Tires burn
We've gotta get the goon
Get the gun
It's time to shoot and run
Bullets fly
The streets scream and cry
City chaos y'all, It's them or us

One in the driver's head
Brain splatter
We've got the law served
On a platter
Car crashes on a fuel tank
Flames, charred parts and money from the bank
Ultra-violence turned to silence
No match for our Countach
There is no criminal that we can't touch
Yeah motherfuckers,
The chase is on!


from The Chase Is On, released June 24, 2016
Music by Chief Pink, lyrics and voice by MOK.



all rights reserved